Air Freight


Main businesses

- Export

As a cross-border logistics solution expert, we are able to meet all the needs of our customers for door-to-door, one-stop, cross-border, comprehensive logistics.

- Import

With our global business network, we are able to offer our customers secure, accurate and efficient international air freight services through information technologies.

- Supervised Warehouse

With full coverage over customs supervised warehouses, we can offer customers professionally supervised warehouses for all scope of works such as management of precision instruments, oversized and heavy goods, dangerous goods and cold chain goods. At the same time, we also have professional technical management teams and vehicle transportation teams that offer delivery services for our customers.

- Customs clearance services

We have a special office for customs clearance at ports, and we maintain close communications with customs and other functional departments all over the country, so as to meet our customers’ diverse  customs clearance needs with professional, efficient and prompt services.

Business features

- Diversity of customers

We serve a diverse array of customers dealing in textiles, electronics, mechanical equipment, food, the chemical industry, e-commerce and other industries with full-process services such as factory pickup, warehousing, tallying, labeling, marking, packaging, stowage, consolidation, customs declaration, supervision and port arrival management, as well as pickup, customs clearance, storage, transit, distribution and delivery to destinations after goods arrive at overseas unloading ports.

- Differentiation of products and services

By signing block space agreements and chartering contracts with most of the world’s well-known freight carriers, we have developed a worldwide network of excellent routes and overseas ground handling services. A complete range of route products, highly competitive market prices and multi-port logistics solutions are our competitive advantage in air export.

- Specialization of import operations

Our equipment and facilities such as supervised warehouses and transportation vehicles meet China customs requirements, and with an air import distribution qualification, we can provide our customers with door-to-door, one-stop, comprehensive logistics services such as factory pickup, international transportation, documentation, custom brokerage, warehousing, sorting, supervision and delivery of imported goods to final destinations. In addition, customers can monitor the entire process through our information system.